May 21, 2014

GODZILLA - A Movie Review

So, this is a bit out of date, cause I saw the movie on Sat, May 17th. But I have been raving about it ever since :-)
I'm pretty sure my next pet will be a Godzilla. Not a Godzilla from the 1998 movie, though. THIS one :-)! He's awesome.

I'm not gonna make this an analytical review here, cause there are tons of them floating around the net already (youtube too). Here's the PAGE w/the stats.

I really was looking forward to this movie when I saw all the teasers/trailers, because, as we all know, the last 'Godzilla' movie was horrible, & had none of the awesome of the old 'Godzilla' movies--where Godzilla would come out of the ocean, kick the butt of some monster or other that was wreaking havoc, & wreak some of his own in the process :-)! Those are the ones I remember.

I remember the first teaser I saw for this movie, which was mostly smoke, & some guys jumping from a jet with red flare smoke streaming behind them. Then a glance of a maybe-Godzilla creature...I was like, uhh....But then when I saw more of the trailers, I was happy, even though they still didn't show much. I was excited because it seemed like they were keeping a lot under wraps, which often means awesome things.
Of course sometimes that could mean a movie sucks, but...

Here are some stats, anyway, lol:
This movie is put out by Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures/Disruption Entertainment/Toho Company.
It stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe (he's fun), Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston.
It's PG-13, for creature violence, scenes of destruction, mayhem, that kind of thing. It's pretty clean-if you dont mind the whole destruction element & the creatures kicking butt :-)
There are only a few swears (s-word), & a few times they take Jesus/God's name in vain.
No sex/nudity.
The beginning scene (SPOILERS), where the main father's wife & coworkers can't escape a radiation leak, & have to be locked in to die, is pretty extreme, especially since she appears (of course) in the little round window, so her husband can see her one last time (pretty sad :-/ ).
The MUTOs fighting Godzilla gets pretty intense. Several jump-out moments of monsters just bursting up/appearing.
I brought my almost-5yr old, & it def. had some too-scared-have-to-jump moments for him. Of course, we DID have to sit way up front, too, right near the screen, so this probably didn't help him!
As of this writing, I guess it hasn't brought in money to match it's $160, 000, 000, but close.

Personally, I loved it for the sheer awesomeness of Godzilla himself :-)
ya don't mess w/the best :-)

It was cool too, that they didn't show much of the MUTO monsters that Godzilla comes to fight, in the previews. So ya knew they were an element, but didn't know much of them, or what they were/why.
Turns out, the theme is Nature alwaze balances itself out. So like, we create stupid, it breeds MUTOs (a male, & a much larger female, respectively), & Nature has to send her champion in the form of a bulky, kick-@$$, 500' blue-fire-shooting monster named Godzilla!
Humans, man...we're not the smartest sometimes!

Anyway. this movie tries to have a drama-family-character-type storyline, but as most have said already--it falls short, really. The characters aren't really deep, so you don't care much for them (at least I didn't). Godzilla & the MUTOs destroy LOTS of humanity & humanity's dwellings before they're done, but you don't really pay much attention, cause you're too busy looking through the smoke/destruction to see the huge monsters!
I have him on my phone, my computer background, my ipod, lol...

Actually, a lot of this movie is grey/dark/smoke-shrouded. But while one would think it would just serve as a (haha, bad pun ahead!) smoke screen so there didn't have to be a lot of monster viewage, I thought instead, that it served to make the movie realistic & interesting. Instead of uber-unrealistic (I mean, it IS a monster movie!!).
Unlike 'Pacific Rim', which was just a bit too much ridiculous AND had the bad storyline/characters, this movie at LEAST has great monsters :-)

The MUTOs (which are MUCH harder to find a good picture of than the title monster :-/ )

are really pretty different looking. Ugly as all get out, lol. They're like, winged, bat-like, bug-like, creepy-legged weirdos :-)
The pregnant one is a *itch, if ever there was a pregnant female that was :-) Of course, her babies (SPOILER!) all get fried by gasoline & her mate murdered, so she probably has reason to be a jerk!

So...if you're a fan of the good-old-days Godzilla movies, & love the character that comes to cause destruction but help humans in the process (silly humans), & if you love the awesomeness of a huge lizard like creature who breathes fire & doesn't take crap from anyone, then you should check this movie out :-)
If you watch it, you'll be a fan of the Godzilla in it. And if you are, then you'll have a moment at the end,  (withOUT a spoiler!) I can promise :-)
It's a fun movie, action packed, & has the coolest monster since the T-Rex in the original 'Jurassic Park!'