April 30, 2014


Gonna read the whole series :-) 
Thought this would be boring. It's not :-)
LOVE this series...just saying :-)

Am SO GLAD a friend suggest this-definitely NOT your normal blah blah self-help book!!

April 19, 2014


Ok, so. I'm not dead. I haven't left the (blogging) world. But, as this is another late-night post, I'm just gonna try & update some things, so those who care can know where I've been & what's been up?!

1. Today (yesterday, according to the clock which says after midnight) was Good Friday. It's been really tough to even remember it was Holy Week this week, let alone that Easter is coming, because I've had a stomach bug, kids have had a stomach bug, annd just a lot's been going on.
Along these lines, though, the night ended w/Husband watching what I consider the best Christian movie of all time, The Passion of the Christ.
I can't watch it straight through, though, really. I'm a wuss when it comes to 'Jesus' being crucified, and, as this particular movie shows, Jesus having the crap beat out of him in a very realistic-& bloody-movie way :-/
This is my favorite pic from the movie, lol. It just looks ridiculous.
So yeah. I was ipod-ing. But the movie is impacting to say the least! Love it. Alwaze makes me think of the horror Christ went through for little old me...All of us.
My favorite scene is the last scene, where it shows him risen, and the hole in the hand. Take that, creepy devil-woman-creature! Booyah!
But...I have to say, even though it IS during the most brutal, horrific scene in the movie, my husband and I were both chuckling (as we never fail to do) at the creepy demon baby thing...like...WHAT?! NO idea what that's supposed to be/represent. I suppose I could look it up & delve deeper into it, but that would take some of the ridiculousness away. :-)
Sad, Sad mov--what the heck is THAT?! Bwahahaha...ridiculous.

2. Yes. I've been sick. I went to have an overnight visit to one of my bestest friends in Upstate NY on the 4/5th, & came home with the Black Plague of stomach bugs (I swear!)! I was sick for 13+ days (still can't handle many things...like coffee :-( ), & then each kid got it in turn, for about a week+. Yeah. That's not fun. Colds I can deal with. Starving a bug in myself I can deal with...trying to starve, yet NOT starve/dehydrate kids--AND a baby--is NOT cool.
I am extremely hateful & prejudice of stomach bugs now. Seriously. So, yeah. I've been really weak, bleh, out of it.

3. We FINALLY got approved for a Rural Housing Loan. It's a great GREAT blessing, because, frankly...we have 4 boys. We live in an albeit great 2nd floor apartment, but living with kids in the city, where the only way they can go play outside is if we all get ready & packed & go in the van, or walk crossing busy roads to the little patch of mini park, is NOT ideal. I want my kids to be in more of, well, a rural setting. I want them to play in a yard! Climb trees, throw sticks, fall out of trees (just kidding), discover frogs and birds and bugs & fresh air!
Also, to not have things like nap times ruined by train whistles (boys love train, though, of course), or my 2 yr old woken up by noisy drunks yelling and revving their trucks.
Just--all of it. Also, we've lived here over two years, almost 3, and the only thing I can tell you about my neighbors is the woman next to us works, has a daughter, & an adorable puppy that gets out on a short-leash every so often. I never even MET the couple below us!! Same building! Well...I kinda waved hi to the guy, but that's only because he has an adorable, huge Keshond.
Not theirs, but this is the general idea. Beautiful breed!
Obviously, it's as much MY fault as theirs. But it's crazy. Some people (often people with puppies!) are nice. Others walk by you as quickly as possible if you even say "Hey" to them. I met the people on the other side of us once...But only when WE had a Great Pyrenees. So, obviously the connection people neighbors is dogs. :-P
Anyway, when we move, my goal is to try to make better neighborly connections. It's tough for me. I miss having friends, and people in my life, so my social skills in the 'first meeting' scene tend to come off as on the one-step-from-obnoxious-scale. As if I wasn't loud, abrupt, too-honest-open-for-my-own-good enough! Ah well, we'll see how it goes.
I digress.
Anyway, so yeah. BEFORE we got the loan certificate mail paperwork, we just were looking for houses under OUR wishlist, i.e.-areas, bedrooms, yard. BUT, once we got the paperwork, the field became a LOT smaller. They consider us pretty poor, so we got a good loan. But the house can ONLY be a certain number of sq feet, and the area taxes can only be under a certain amount. Which, we discovered, is almost impossible to find a 4 bedroom house that fits.
So far, we found ONE.
Good Friday marks the day that we took all 4 boys and viewed it. It's amazing, of course, and even more so because it's a place BOTH husband and I love, and agree on! We agree on so few things, that the house hunting has caused more fighting and marital stress than is normal, I'm sure :-(

4. Me and Hubby are both so very very stubborn! And both so defensive IMMEDIATELY! :-/ It sucks. I've got to work on my end. But I have trust issues, and humility issues (there, I said it.), and he has a few of his own (haha, I said that, too :-P), so...since we've never worked anything out between us before our marriage, or knew of these insecurities before--now almost 6yrs in, we're going through big life stuffz, and having to battle each other (and ourselves, I guess). Prayer is majorly needed in this area. So much energy is wasted on fighting :-(

5. I'm determined to start tackling my Bucket List soon. Maybe I'll make a page on here about it. Cross 'em off as I get to 'em :-)
I think first is a cruise. Like, not 2 nights or something close/little, but an all out, fast-a-month-ahead, eat-at-all-the-places-on-off-ship, party like there's no tomorrow, be silly, see everything, be girly, forget everything NOT on the itinerary, several days/nights fun-trip!
I'd love to go whale-watching, like up near Alaska, but that'll have to be separate, methinks, cause it's on the other end of the Country...

6. I'm writing a book. And it's a bit slow going, but I'm actually sticking with it, doing little by little, outlining, focusing! Which is WORLD'S away from anything I've ever done or thought of before. I am hoping to go through the whole process, right up till it gets rejected by a publisher :-P Or, who knows...maybe I'm the next Veronica Roth :-D!

7. I really enjoy MY TWITTER!. (self promotion there :-P!) I love being able to quickly read headlines of various fashion/entertainment/animal news sites/articles, and see what I want to read. I love that actors & actresses interact with their fans on there. While HELIX season 1 was going on, the cast members would tweet live with the viewers, & it was cool for me to interact with them. It's fun :-) Makes ya feel like you're talking to famous people, heh. Since the show is newer, a lot of the cast is kinda too, & kept interacting (still) after. So that's fun.
Also, it's a great promotion tool for music/blogs/sites/stuff/crafts/etc & so on.
But yeah, it moves fast !

8. I have to get a better sleep/wake up schedule. Now it's after 1am. Ridiculous :-D Especially since my tummy's still not agreeing with coffee lately!
(as a side note, I've started drinking it, regardless. 12 days w/out coffee was worse that tummy issues!)

So. There ya have it. Some random things. Hopefully this is a bit of an update (I know, I know, long. I don't know how to write short.) for y'all.
I have some other posts in the 'drats' folder stage, so they'll be up soon, too :-) God bless your Easter etc.!