January 29, 2014


I've Got Cabin Fever!
Yay! Our local Library started it's 'Cabin Fever' reading program! It's the reading program for adults...Of which I am one (apparently)!
It's so named because of the long Winter time, & how people get bored etc.
This Winter, though, besides the usual raffle baskets or whatnot, that you can win, you can also enter (for every book ya read) to win an iPad mini! That'd be cool, right? Cause, like, a computer, phone, & iPod aren't distracting enough...
Anyway, for me, I think it's just the winning anything that'd be fun :-) & reading as many books as I can so I can have as many entries as I can!

Last year, they just had like, a little paper where you'd write the name of the book & your name & number. This time, though, I think they've gotten a bit smarter, so there's space to review the book (shortly) & stuff. That way people aren't just like, NOT actually reading books :-P

So, I'm excited. I like being a part of something. Anything, these days, really :-)

So what's on the reading list? Who knows...whatever of the gazillion books that happen to arrive/I happen to choose between now & the end of February, to read!
Love this series...

Currently it'll be "City of Ashes", part of the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare.
Super fun world about Shadowhunters (Demon fighters), & Downworlders (vampires, werewolves, etc.), & Demons & regular people (I think...). About a girl coming of age & coming to the knowledge that her Mom had her memories wiped as she's been growing up, so she didn't know she was a part of all the secret stuff Mundanes (normal people) can't see (Demons, Shadowhunters, etc.), & that her Father is a heartless jerk who wants to like, kill everyone that's not a part of the world HE wants to create or whatever. Annnyway...
"City of Ashes" is the second book, & I've already ordered the 3rd, "City of Glass." Woot (1st is "City of Bones.")!
9 books, this is #3 :-)

Also on the list is Book 3 of the Twig Trilogy, in The Edge Chronicles, "Midnight Over Sanctaphrax" by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell.
I love the Edge series. I really like the illustrations, too. They make the story :-)
This series is also a Fantasy/YA type. Takes place in all kinds of different settings, though. Woods, skies, underground...There's sky pirates & wood trolls & ogres & elves & goblins & wizardly types & etc. & so on! & giant birds, & dangers, & carnivorous trees!! Gross...But yeah, I really like the series :-) Lots of fun, & the lead of this trilogy, Twig, is a bright & adventurous boy who never quite fit in with the wood folk he was raised with--mainly because he was destined to be a sky pirate! Good times. I wanna be a sky pirate!

Real parenting, real life :-)
And the 3rd book (so far) is called "Afterbirth: Stories you WON'T Read in a Parenting Magazine" edited by Dani K. Modisett, stories by various people.
This book is awesome, especially for me. I guess it's a bunch of stories of real life parenting/kid situations/issues, written (& lived) by a bunch of people in various fields of entertainment, etc. Comics, it often seems (Afterbirth was also D.K.M.s show she did, of the same type).
But real people, & real stories about being pregnant, being a parent, having kids...The ones that you don't often hear about when you're wanting a child/expecting. The authors of the stories tell it how it is, & it's often sucky, ridiculous, horrible, tough, cry-worthy. Seriously! The stories make me laugh, cause while I have lots of Mom/Dad friends out there, very few people will actually flood social media with how being a parent can often suck (as I have done many times!).
Not done with the book yet (there's a bit of vulgarity/language, as the authors aren't for the most part the Christian kind!), but it's made me laugh & nod my head quite a bit already!

So that's what is on the menu so far, as far as the reading program is concerned. I'll keep updated as to how it's going, & how many books I actually finish!

What's on YOUR reading list lately?! Would love to hear from you!!! 

January 20, 2014



New Year's Resolutions. I know, I know. The year's already started. Like, 20 days ago. But...I'm often delayed. Better late than never :-P!
So, I thought I'd share why I don't make the normal 'list' or Resolutions, & why I think most people don't stick with them.

Usually, the New Year is approaching, & people are all, "Yay! I'm gonna change all this stuff/these things come Jan. 1st & the rest of the year, cause it's NEW!"
But I think, seriously, it's a doomed idea.
Like, unless you have some major life-change/changing event happen--i.e., a big move, get married, start/finish college (that's a weird time), win the lottery, etc--there's really nothing other than a number & an over-excited idea to change you.
But if you have something that you've been thinking on/building up for your resolution list-it should really just be started & acted on as you think of it.

Cause, seriously, changing the number of the year from 2013 to 2014 isn't going to be big enough to enforce a life alteration that lasts (in most of us, anyway). I mean, most people can't even remember to WRITE 2014 for the first few days (weeks?!)!

Fastforward about 4-5-6 months. & now you're already thinking of how, NEXT YEAR, you're going to start/change this or that, & the old 'new' resolutions have already fallen by the wayside.
Because, like, making a list & following it throughout an entire year (let's face it, 365 days IS a long time), starting on January 1st, is tough to remember.

Hence the life changing event. If something actually HAPPENS on (or around) January 1st to already change your life, then it's a bit easier to have motivation, me thinks. Otherwise, after all the hype from the Ball drop, or the waaay-too-late-party, or the early-to-bed-evening or whatever--you just go back to normal life.

Now, granted, some people REALLY are highly motivated, goal-driven, & use that first date of a year with a new number at the end (Yay!...) to restart their year-long motor, but....I'm not one of them, lol. & I think not too many people are.

So, I think, rather than make a list that I'm determined to start Jan. 1st & do all year every day cause I'm excited (jk)!!!.....I'm going to remember that time IS short, & promised to no man (woman), & so there ARE changes I need to make/things I need to do (heck, I'm 32 & I have 4 growing kids already!), so I'm going to use the time I have to work on what I need to do/change, with life being a focus, & every day I'm given as being a new day to be RESOLVED to work on myself/life, & not pretend I can be fully altered just cause of a number :-)
It's much more realistic, for me, at least.

January 16, 2014


So, 1/11/14, I went & saw "American Hustle." It's rated R, & stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, & Jeremy Renner. 
Robert DeNiro even makes an appearance--cause obviously if you have a big mobster character in your movie, it should be played by him.

Obviously, this movie has some crappy stuff in it. You can check the parents guide on imdb.com for the movie (HERE!), for a complete listing of what's wrong in it.
There are a couple of creepy, I-turned-my-head-in-the-theatre scenes. Mostly there's a lot of language, so if that bothers you-be advised!

All that said, & taking into account this is not a Christian movie, :-P & it IS rated R...
The acting is top notch!
I love when actors can just meld w/a role completely.
Jeremy Renner was awesome, & looks so different as the chubby NJ mayor just tryin' to help his state out, it's great. No Hawkeye here :-)
Bale was also an unexpected treat (changed his look too), as I'm not usually caring for him 1 way or the other. But he did a good job as the lead.
Of course Jennifer Lawrence was good. She's really great at just seeming like a regular person in whatever role she takes on. Like, ya believe her. Loved her hair in this movie, too!
& Bradley Cooper plays such a great crazy person! & his eyes are ridiculous. :-) His scene w/Amy when she changes accents on him is good times...
As for Adams, I usually think of "Enchanted" still, or "The Muppets" when I hear her name, so this was definitely a more grown up role (though I guess she's played them before already, I just haven't seen too many of those movies). She is a great actress, & her accents were fun.

Basically this is a movie about con men (& women). & I think it's also about how being a con person, aka scamming & lying to people, makes it really difficult to have normal relationships, & sooner or later, you'll hurt someone ya wish you hadn't.
I'd call it a drama/crime/comedy type movie :-), I think.

I thought it was cool, by the way, how the writers (Eric Singer, David O Russell), wrote characters w/the specific actors/actresses in mind.

Overall, if you can f.forward the crap, & overlook the language, it was a pretty interesting movie, worth it to see the stellar acting :-)
If ya like that kind of thing!

January 10, 2014


It's crazy-I have to try to fit blogging in whenever I can find a minute--which, w/4 boys & a husband--is not not often :-)

Currently, the kids are in their rooms, in various stages of napping, or not napping.

Which brings me to my question for the day-How do your kids/How does your child nap? & what's your policy on it? I've heard everything from parents w/kids the same ages as my kids whose kids don't even nap anymore, to kids older than mine who still at least take 'rests'.

One of my fondest & strongest memories is when we were little in my family's house, taking Sunday afternoon naps. This was before we moved to NY, & before there were lots & lots of kids (aka 8), so I was probably about 5 or so, making my older Sister 8ish.
We went to morning & evening church service, so Sundays were alwaze crazy busy days at our house. Especially since we lived right next door to the church, & my Dad was a deacon.
So after lunch, it was rest time. Mom & Dad would go in their room & snooze, & the kids to theirs & do the same. I remember well having to take that nap time. I don't know if we both napped so much, the whole time, but I am pretty sure I did often (I love sleep! Usually...).
I'm also not sure if we had these 'rests' every day (my Sis & I shared a room), but I'm guessing at least I did (will check w/Mom).

Fast forward just over 25yrs later, & boom--here I am, in my own...apartment, with 4 boys, & being driven crazy with the whole nap thing!
The biggest problem here is that my oldest, D, suffers from some issues--ADHD, sensory problems, & we're pretty sure Asperger's Syndrome. So while he'll be 5 this Summer, & probably doesn't need to nap as much--he doesn't often sleep well, & if he doesn't, he's pretty much a holy terror. But sometimes it seems like he'd have to be in a coma to get him to sleep!
& so, if he was NOT napping, I could put him somewhere & institute 'rest.'. Except-he doesn't know the meaning of the word. At least not at this point in his life. He's impossible to keep quiet or still. & by himself, he forgets almost instantly he's supposed to shut up.

In reality, I could, I guess, do something with him while the others nap...but he's in my hair all day, & I enjoy him NOT being in my hair for that short time before hubby gets home!
Plus, with a Baby sleeping in the living room, the apt just doesn't have the room to keep him QUIETLY somewhere! Arrrgh!

Next hardest to nap? My current favorite :-), B, who is almost 22months. He wakes up randomly in the night sometimes, just....no idea. Well, his room is right on the main street, & he hears everything & wakes up from loud motorcycles & trucks & stuff sometimes, so yeah. Another perk of living in the city-the stupid train, which is right next to our apt, & goes by once, sometimes twice, during/at nap time.
Bonaventure will wake up, & rock himself in his wooden crib. Sometimes he sings/hums himself to sleep, sometimes he cries. Sometimes he just wakes up & rocks for LONNNNG periods of time, getting no nap. I go in sometimes, & usually especially at night, & at night he usually falls asleep again, but...

Yeah, in the day, it's annoying, cause he's often really tired. & it's even more annoying right now cause he's sick :-/ so he needs his rest!

The 5m old sleeps fine when he's tired, lol, & I actually have very little issue w/C, our nearly-34m old (aka almost 3!). Charlemagne usually lays right down & takes his nap.
Dominic sometimes REALLY needs a nap & conks right out. Sometimes he gets in much trouble for being loud heh.

So yeah. Curious what other people do? Do you have kids that nap/rest in the same room together? This, so far, hasn't worked for me (especially Dominic, who has to be alone), but gonna try soon maybe...
My kids wake up at random times too, so I know they need rest (they also don't get to bed till pretty late usually), but it's tough figuring it all out!