July 4, 2014


So, I saw 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'. The only showing I could make when I was out was the Imax 3D.

WARNING: my reviews contain spoilers-don't read if you don't wanna know!

First, I have to say it. This movie is LONG. Like, 165 minutes long. & this is AFTER a zillion previews.
I understand action/adventure movies can be long, & if they're fun, get away with it. But even 'The Avengers' was only 143mins! Personally, I think that's about as long as ya can get away with--because it's hard to get a movie to be more stellar than 'The Avengers'!
But yeah...this movies almost 3 hours, & it's really not a good length. They could've easily cut out at least 40 mins.

Secondly, there are way too many human interest issues, & not enough Transformers (at least for my liking!). Like, you go to see Optimus Prime & his buddies kick some serious butt--let's be honest--& change from awesome looking vehicles into even-more-awesome-giant-robots, & fight other giant-robots!

But this movie has a lot of stuff that didn't really go with the theme you THINK it's going to be about when you watched the trailer--family,
father/daughter/guy-who-is-secret-boyfriend-who-just-happens-to-be-a-car-driver/racer-but-who-the-country-single-father-doesn't-like triangle,
bitter humans (although Kelsey Grammer does a great job as a tough, bad guy), vacant humans (type-cast daughter) etc.

The aged Prime shows up as this dusty, old, huge flat-front rig (I didn't even know they could change color/design like that!)
 Like...yeah. I mean, we all know the Transformers are HUGE, & alwaze bigger than their car/truck etc counterparts, but still...

Anyway. Moving on.
I liked this movie, I did. It's fun, & there is a lot of Transformer action.

There's a Galvatron-who is initially Stanley Tucci's bright idea that spins (of course) out of control (using Megatron's DNA was probably not a good idea...).
There's a bunch of random other Transformer copies that come alive en masse & give our few good guys something to battle (there are like, 4 or 5 Autobots left, I believe).

The story is weak. The writing is just, not interesting enough to care about, thereby making the human characters not interesting enough to care about & not very deep. The movie tries to jump into a story you care about, some time after the LAST Transformer movie, but you don't really connect the dots too well, I don't think, so you're like, uh..ok--I'll just go with it, cause I like Transformers :-)

There is a random Bounty Hunter character chasing Optimus Prime, named Lockdown, I believe. But I'm not entirely sure what the reason was he was in the movie. I guess for coolness factor?
And, of course, there ARE the Dinobot things...4 of them (I think?). They're like....HUGE. Optimus gets them from Lockdown's ship. They are resistant at first to Prime leading them, but he kicks their @$$es (of course), with his sword, & so they suddenly follow him into battle against the bad Transformers & bad humans.
The major disappointment is that the awesome Dinosaur Transformers, that you were waiting all this time--and ALL this movie to see--are only in the end, like...yeah. Not cool!
Awesome, though not enough screen time!

 Overall? This movie is too long. It's fun, though, there ARE Transformers, Dinobots, is fighting, & as usual in classic Michael Bay fashion, explosions & larger than life moments.
The writing is sub par, though, and the humans--even with the good acting of Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci & Kelsey Grammer behind them--are not very dimensional or interesting (Stanley's character is by far the most fun, though :-) ).

As far as the Imax/3D factor...It was ok. They could've utilized the 3D a lot more, though, I think. Especially with the Transformers! Of course the Dinobot shooting fire w/the 3D glasses was great :-) Once, anyway...got old quick, though, as the only big gimmick.

So, yes. I liked the movie. Would I watch it again? Not at the price of an Imax 3D. Also, even at regular 2D pricing, it's a lonnnng movie to sit through, & I got bored before all the good stuff started.

Did you see this movie? What did you think?!

June 17, 2014

MALEFICENT--A Movie Review

This movie is my newest movie-crush (ok, that's probably NOT a thing lol :-P )! I've seen it twice (once alone, once w/hubby), & would probably see it 5 more times if I could afford it!

CONTAINS SPOILERS! Sorry, I just talk a lot :-) 

Um. Here's the imdb page for it, for stats & such: MALEFICENT!
This is one of the coolest pictures of her I've found :-)!

Where to start....Well, I loved how the previews before it started actually showing showed you just enough to make you be like 'whoa, this looks awesome, I wonder...', but not enough to reveal anything of the story.

Of course, I stupidly made the mistake of reading a few articles online as I saw them, so I knew SOME things before I saw it, but because this movie is great, & I love/d it, the articles didn't take away from the movie, they added.

THIS ARTICLE from yahoo.com compares some of the differences between the movie "Maleficent" & the Disney classic cartoon, "Sleeping Beauty". Read ONLY if you don't care about spoilers, or have seen the movie!

Some thoughts...
1. They couldn't have made this movie without Angelina Jolie. Like, she IS Maleficent. Much like Robert Downy Jr IS Iron Man.
She does a great job portraying her character as far as acting, but also as a persona. She hits the attitude, voice, feelings right on the head.
The movie Maleficent isn't quite as dark/hateful/bitter/mean as the cartoon version, but--as the back story shows--there is a reason for this.
Besides, she has the mouth/voice/cheekbones :-P!

2. The score (James Newton Howard), is really good. Haunting when it needs to be, dramatic when called for, & funny/sweet at some points, even. I like the music a lot.
& of COURSE, the release of Lana Del Ray's "Once Upon A Dream" with the preview before the movie came out, set the tone. Actually, before I saw it, I figured the movie would be a lot darker, because of her rendition. It is so beautiful, though, & so very unlike the way Aurora sang it in the classic Disney movie, "Sleeping Beauty."
Lana's version is very ethereal. Love it :-) Angelina Jolie actually picked Lana Del Ray for the singing (or at least had a hand in it). Nifty.

I LOVE her wings.
& they're awesome :-)

3. Apparently the (SPOILER!) cutting off of Maleficent's wings is an allusion to rape. Something I didn't even think of till I read the boards/reviews, & they said that even Angelina commented on it. NOW I see it (she's given a drug to fall asleep, she's violated, wakes up bleeding/crying in pain). But it's a thing, I guess raising awareness in some way?

4. The movie had the largest budget for a 1st time director, I believe (180 mil.), & made a good use of the money, I think. The graphics are great fun, & the movie has lots of different settings & moods.
It hasn't seemed to make NEARLY as much as it cost, but I don't know why. I guess it's cause so many movies are coming out, it couldn't hold the top spot for long enough. But it's done pretty well.

5. Diaval, played by Sam Riley, is a fun character. He's a raven Maleficent rescues from being killed, so he becomes her servant. Then I think he becomes her friend as well :-) He also transforms into various animals by her hand (including the awesome dragon!), & so that's a fun skill he picked up from his benefactor! I wasn't familiar with Sam Riley, but he's a pretty neat character.

6. The beautiful girl who plays young Maleficent does a good job. She's uber cute :-)

7. Elle Fanning doesn't quite live up to her older Sister's (Dakota Fanning) skill as an actress, at least not yet, but I guess since she's playing opposite Angelina Jolie--she had a hard act to match :-) She's not the main character in this version of the story, so she plays ok as a secondary character.
And the guy who plays King Stephan does well as an aspiring youth turned madman paranoid king! I'm glad they didn't pick Jude Law to play him (as they were looking into). Jude wouldn't have been as easy to hate, I don't think :-) 

Overall, this movie is really good. At least I think so.
It was cool to hear the tale told differently than we had been told/seen before, & to hear Maleficent's back story :-)
I also really liked this ending/version of the story better!
It's got drama, lots of beautiful imagery, good music, a really interesting cast of characters, good acting (for the most part!), it doesn't have too many things you wouldn't let your kids watch (unless you're not a fan of magic in fairy tales, which there is lots of-as expected)
No Power...Can Change It!

...It has a bit of a scare for them, maybe, but not enough that it isn't right later on :-)

If you haven't seen 'Maleficent' yet--you should!
Did you? What did you think?! Let me know!

As a random added thing, I'm including a pic of the awesome shoes that were custom made for Angelina to wear at the premiere of the movie all over! Love them!
Maleficent shoes! Love :-)

June 11, 2014

NEIGHBORS--A Movie Review (Unfortunately)-sort of

Ok. This isn't going to be a normal movie review. Mostly because I made a couple of observations while watching this movie:
1. I should've walked out. I didn't, & feel horrible about it. In fact, it's been a long time since I've seen a movie I felt worthy of walking out of. This was one.
2. The preview made it seem like this movie would be more back/forth between the parents & the frat boys as far as 'fighting'--but it really was more of a promotion of vulgarity, swearing, drugs, sex, & irresponsibility.
3. I normally don't even want to see comedies, especially ones rated 'R'. I should stick to this thought process...

So yes. This movie DOES star Zac Efron (who I normally like) & Seth Rogan (who I'm not really all that familiar with). Oh, & Rose Byrne (who I'm kinda indifferent to). But if you're looking for these guys to make you laugh-there are other movie choices out there, trust me.

I'm not gonna say much more--except even WITH the premise of "frat boys move next to boring parents & a battle ensues" this movie didn't need to have so much junk. I'm not sure if frat parties are this bad (I've read comments/forums where some people said they are, some said they are not), but there is not much else other than language, sexual jokes, etc. & so on.

So....don't see this movie. There's nothing redeeming in it.
I stayed only for 2 reasons, really. First-I had time to kill before I had to be somewhere, & second, I didn't want to waste the money, lol.

Besides all the crap, there were 3 points I remembered.

1. The baby girl (played by twins Elise & Zoey Vargas) was one of the cutest babies I've seen on/off film! She was adorable. Or, uh...they were :-) I felt bad, cause if she decides to keep up w/acting when she's older (or THEY DO, rather), or not--she's going to look back & be like "wait...WHY did my parents put me in THAT?!" or at least...I would hope so...But yeah, she's adorable.

2. The scene where the frat boys (with no explanation of HOW) stole all the air bags out of the parents' car & hid them all about the house & the guy's workplace is the only scene where I was laughing my head off. I'm sure an edited clip will pop up on Youtube or something someday, but yeah. The first one goes on when someone sits on it, & you just aren't expecting it at all :-) Then, even though you THINK you expect the others--you don't, & you're just laughing like crazy. There's a lot of language in this scene, mostly because of what's happening, but...still...it was funny.

3. The end clip, where Zac's character & Seth's character are outside the clothing store is also extremely funny. It was made more so by the fact that I guess it wasn't scripted, & so was improv, so it makes it more funny. Zac's character is all fit, & trying to lure people into the clothing store by having his shirt off...Seth decides to join him, but is totally NOT fit & is pasty is chubby & saying all kinds of ridiculous things :-) It was pretty funny.

But....yeah. This movie is full of waaay too much bad stuff to make seeing it worthwhile. That is all.

May 21, 2014

GODZILLA - A Movie Review

So, this is a bit out of date, cause I saw the movie on Sat, May 17th. But I have been raving about it ever since :-)
I'm pretty sure my next pet will be a Godzilla. Not a Godzilla from the 1998 movie, though. THIS one :-)! He's awesome.

I'm not gonna make this an analytical review here, cause there are tons of them floating around the net already (youtube too). Here's the IMDB.com PAGE w/the stats.

I really was looking forward to this movie when I saw all the teasers/trailers, because, as we all know, the last 'Godzilla' movie was horrible, & had none of the awesome of the old 'Godzilla' movies--where Godzilla would come out of the ocean, kick the butt of some monster or other that was wreaking havoc, & wreak some of his own in the process :-)! Those are the ones I remember.

I remember the first teaser I saw for this movie, which was mostly smoke, & some guys jumping from a jet with red flare smoke streaming behind them. Then a glance of a maybe-Godzilla creature...I was like, uhh....But then when I saw more of the trailers, I was happy, even though they still didn't show much. I was excited because it seemed like they were keeping a lot under wraps, which often means awesome things.
Of course sometimes that could mean a movie sucks, but...

Here are some stats, anyway, lol:
This movie is put out by Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures/Disruption Entertainment/Toho Company.
It stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe (he's fun), Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston.
It's PG-13, for creature violence, scenes of destruction, mayhem, that kind of thing. It's pretty clean-if you dont mind the whole destruction element & the creatures kicking butt :-)
There are only a few swears (s-word), & a few times they take Jesus/God's name in vain.
No sex/nudity.
The beginning scene (SPOILERS), where the main father's wife & coworkers can't escape a radiation leak, & have to be locked in to die, is pretty extreme, especially since she appears (of course) in the little round window, so her husband can see her one last time (pretty sad :-/ ).
The MUTOs fighting Godzilla gets pretty intense. Several jump-out moments of monsters just bursting up/appearing.
I brought my almost-5yr old, & it def. had some too-scared-have-to-jump moments for him. Of course, we DID have to sit way up front, too, right near the screen, so this probably didn't help him!
As of this writing, I guess it hasn't brought in money to match it's $160, 000, 000, but close.

Personally, I loved it for the sheer awesomeness of Godzilla himself :-)
ya don't mess w/the best :-)

It was cool too, that they didn't show much of the MUTO monsters that Godzilla comes to fight, in the previews. So ya knew they were an element, but didn't know much of them, or what they were/why.
Turns out, the theme is Nature alwaze balances itself out. So like, we create stupid, it breeds MUTOs (a male, & a much larger female, respectively), & Nature has to send her champion in the form of a bulky, kick-@$$, 500' blue-fire-shooting monster named Godzilla!
Humans, man...we're not the smartest sometimes!

Anyway. this movie tries to have a drama-family-character-type storyline, but as most have said already--it falls short, really. The characters aren't really deep, so you don't care much for them (at least I didn't). Godzilla & the MUTOs destroy LOTS of humanity & humanity's dwellings before they're done, but you don't really pay much attention, cause you're too busy looking through the smoke/destruction to see the huge monsters!
I have him on my phone, my computer background, my ipod, lol...

Actually, a lot of this movie is grey/dark/smoke-shrouded. But while one would think it would just serve as a (haha, bad pun ahead!) smoke screen so there didn't have to be a lot of monster viewage, I thought instead, that it served to make the movie realistic & interesting. Instead of uber-unrealistic (I mean, it IS a monster movie!!).
Unlike 'Pacific Rim', which was just a bit too much ridiculous AND had the bad storyline/characters, this movie at LEAST has great monsters :-)

The MUTOs (which are MUCH harder to find a good picture of than the title monster :-/ )

are really pretty different looking. Ugly as all get out, lol. They're like, winged, bat-like, bug-like, creepy-legged weirdos :-)
The pregnant one is a *itch, if ever there was a pregnant female that was :-) Of course, her babies (SPOILER!) all get fried by gasoline & her mate murdered, so she probably has reason to be a jerk!

So...if you're a fan of the good-old-days Godzilla movies, & love the character that comes to cause destruction but help humans in the process (silly humans), & if you love the awesomeness of a huge lizard like creature who breathes fire & doesn't take crap from anyone, then you should check this movie out :-)
If you watch it, you'll be a fan of the Godzilla in it. And if you are, then you'll have a moment at the end,  (withOUT a spoiler!) I can promise :-)
It's a fun movie, action packed, & has the coolest monster since the T-Rex in the original 'Jurassic Park!'

April 30, 2014


Gonna read the whole series :-) 
Thought this would be boring. It's not :-)
LOVE this series...just saying :-)

Am SO GLAD a friend suggest this-definitely NOT your normal blah blah self-help book!!

April 19, 2014


Ok, so. I'm not dead. I haven't left the (blogging) world. But, as this is another late-night post, I'm just gonna try & update some things, so those who care can know where I've been & what's been up?!

1. Today (yesterday, according to the clock which says after midnight) was Good Friday. It's been really tough to even remember it was Holy Week this week, let alone that Easter is coming, because I've had a stomach bug, kids have had a stomach bug, annd just a lot's been going on.
Along these lines, though, the night ended w/Husband watching what I consider the best Christian movie of all time, The Passion of the Christ.
I can't watch it straight through, though, really. I'm a wuss when it comes to 'Jesus' being crucified, and, as this particular movie shows, Jesus having the crap beat out of him in a very realistic-& bloody-movie way :-/
This is my favorite pic from the movie, lol. It just looks ridiculous.
So yeah. I was ipod-ing. But the movie is impacting to say the least! Love it. Alwaze makes me think of the horror Christ went through for little old me...All of us.
My favorite scene is the last scene, where it shows him risen, and the hole in the hand. Take that, creepy devil-woman-creature! Booyah!
But...I have to say, even though it IS during the most brutal, horrific scene in the movie, my husband and I were both chuckling (as we never fail to do) at the creepy demon baby thing...like...WHAT?! NO idea what that's supposed to be/represent. I suppose I could look it up & delve deeper into it, but that would take some of the ridiculousness away. :-)
Sad, Sad mov--what the heck is THAT?! Bwahahaha...ridiculous.

2. Yes. I've been sick. I went to have an overnight visit to one of my bestest friends in Upstate NY on the 4/5th, & came home with the Black Plague of stomach bugs (I swear!)! I was sick for 13+ days (still can't handle many things...like coffee :-( ), & then each kid got it in turn, for about a week+. Yeah. That's not fun. Colds I can deal with. Starving a bug in myself I can deal with...trying to starve, yet NOT starve/dehydrate kids--AND a baby--is NOT cool.
I am extremely hateful & prejudice of stomach bugs now. Seriously. So, yeah. I've been really weak, bleh, out of it.

3. We FINALLY got approved for a Rural Housing Loan. It's a great GREAT blessing, because, frankly...we have 4 boys. We live in an albeit great 2nd floor apartment, but living with kids in the city, where the only way they can go play outside is if we all get ready & packed & go in the van, or walk crossing busy roads to the little patch of mini park, is NOT ideal. I want my kids to be in more of, well, a rural setting. I want them to play in a yard! Climb trees, throw sticks, fall out of trees (just kidding), discover frogs and birds and bugs & fresh air!
Also, to not have things like nap times ruined by train whistles (boys love train, though, of course), or my 2 yr old woken up by noisy drunks yelling and revving their trucks.
Just--all of it. Also, we've lived here over two years, almost 3, and the only thing I can tell you about my neighbors is the woman next to us works, has a daughter, & an adorable puppy that gets out on a short-leash every so often. I never even MET the couple below us!! Same building! Well...I kinda waved hi to the guy, but that's only because he has an adorable, huge Keshond.
Not theirs, but this is the general idea. Beautiful breed!
Obviously, it's as much MY fault as theirs. But it's crazy. Some people (often people with puppies!) are nice. Others walk by you as quickly as possible if you even say "Hey" to them. I met the people on the other side of us once...But only when WE had a Great Pyrenees. So, obviously the connection people neighbors is dogs. :-P
Anyway, when we move, my goal is to try to make better neighborly connections. It's tough for me. I miss having friends, and people in my life, so my social skills in the 'first meeting' scene tend to come off as on the one-step-from-obnoxious-scale. As if I wasn't loud, abrupt, too-honest-open-for-my-own-good enough! Ah well, we'll see how it goes.
I digress.
Anyway, so yeah. BEFORE we got the loan certificate mail paperwork, we just were looking for houses under OUR wishlist, i.e.-areas, bedrooms, yard. BUT, once we got the paperwork, the field became a LOT smaller. They consider us pretty poor, so we got a good loan. But the house can ONLY be a certain number of sq feet, and the area taxes can only be under a certain amount. Which, we discovered, is almost impossible to find a 4 bedroom house that fits.
So far, we found ONE.
Good Friday marks the day that we took all 4 boys and viewed it. It's amazing, of course, and even more so because it's a place BOTH husband and I love, and agree on! We agree on so few things, that the house hunting has caused more fighting and marital stress than is normal, I'm sure :-(

4. Me and Hubby are both so very very stubborn! And both so defensive IMMEDIATELY! :-/ It sucks. I've got to work on my end. But I have trust issues, and humility issues (there, I said it.), and he has a few of his own (haha, I said that, too :-P), so...since we've never worked anything out between us before our marriage, or knew of these insecurities before--now almost 6yrs in, we're going through big life stuffz, and having to battle each other (and ourselves, I guess). Prayer is majorly needed in this area. So much energy is wasted on fighting :-(

5. I'm determined to start tackling my Bucket List soon. Maybe I'll make a page on here about it. Cross 'em off as I get to 'em :-)
I think first is a cruise. Like, not 2 nights or something close/little, but an all out, fast-a-month-ahead, eat-at-all-the-places-on-off-ship, party like there's no tomorrow, be silly, see everything, be girly, forget everything NOT on the itinerary, several days/nights fun-trip!
I'd love to go whale-watching, like up near Alaska, but that'll have to be separate, methinks, cause it's on the other end of the Country...

6. I'm writing a book. And it's a bit slow going, but I'm actually sticking with it, doing little by little, outlining, focusing! Which is WORLD'S away from anything I've ever done or thought of before. I am hoping to go through the whole process, right up till it gets rejected by a publisher :-P Or, who knows...maybe I'm the next Veronica Roth :-D!

7. I really enjoy MY TWITTER!. (self promotion there :-P!) I love being able to quickly read headlines of various fashion/entertainment/animal news sites/articles, and see what I want to read. I love that actors & actresses interact with their fans on there. While HELIX season 1 was going on, the cast members would tweet live with the viewers, & it was cool for me to interact with them. It's fun :-) Makes ya feel like you're talking to famous people, heh. Since the show is newer, a lot of the cast is kinda too, & kept interacting (still) after. So that's fun.
Also, it's a great promotion tool for music/blogs/sites/stuff/crafts/etc & so on.
But yeah, it moves fast !

8. I have to get a better sleep/wake up schedule. Now it's after 1am. Ridiculous :-D Especially since my tummy's still not agreeing with coffee lately!
(as a side note, I've started drinking it, regardless. 12 days w/out coffee was worse that tummy issues!)

So. There ya have it. Some random things. Hopefully this is a bit of an update (I know, I know, long. I don't know how to write short.) for y'all.
I have some other posts in the 'drats' folder stage, so they'll be up soon, too :-) God bless your Easter etc.!

March 11, 2014


frozen/fresh berries & sugared!

Ok, so...This is a recipe I found years ago, & made, & have learned what can & can't be varied along the way. The berries actually can, as this photo suggests. The berries I made it with this last time were frozen Raspberries, Blueberries, & fresh Blueberries. Blackberries were the original 'triple' element, but I had none on hand this time around. Strawberries can also be used!


~1 1/2 c. each--Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries (either/or combo allowed!)
~4 tbs sugar
~2 c. flour
~2 c. rolled oats
~2 c. packed Brown sugar
~3 tsp cinnamon
~1 tsp nutmeg (optional)
~1 2/3 c. butter, softened


1. Preheat oven to 350*
2. In a large bowl, toss berries & sugar. Set aside.
3. In another bowl, combine flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg.
4. Cut in butter till it's all crumbly :-) (I ended up just using my hands, but, lol, this may not be for everyone!)
5. Lightly grease a 9"x13" baking dish (mine is glass).
6. Press enough of the oats mixture into the dish to cover the bottom (usually about half). Cover with berry/sugar mixture.
7. Sprinkle remaining oats mixture on top.
The Crisp, uncooked!

8. Bake about 40-45 mins. Check it (because ovens vary & such)-it's about done when the fruit is all bubbly! :-)
All done! (crappy lighting in my apt :-/ )

& there ya go! This is really pretty good. As you can tell, I'm not a huge baker, but this is simple, & fun, & usually pleases most people :-)

*As a side note, which I learned from the last batch I made, it is NOT ok to randomly add flavored stuff to your crisps; I thought since my husband likes rum cake, I'd add rum flavoring to this, to the oats. I probably added 1/4 a cup. Yeah...NOT good. Gave it a weird flavor, & he asked me to never do it again, lol. Far cry from the first time I made this for him (on a long-ago birthday), when he LOVED it!

February 21, 2014


Yes. I actually am making a blog post about our basement & how it is uber-creepy. Hahahaha. & you're reading it. So who's more ridiculous now?! Hmm?
So, let me just say, that our basement is only part of the whole basement of this building, since we share it w/a store & another apartment (at least one?). So our section isn't huge. But, nonetheless, w/out light, it has been uber creepy. In fact, for the first year (true story) we lived here, I would NOT even go down there. I didn't do any laundry or anything (score!).
It may have been even longer than a year...I'm guessing yes.

Eventually, though-mostly from annoyance at the way hubby does the laundry-I had to venture. Leaving all doors open & lights on.

My conclusion? Our basement is still as creepy now as it was when our landlord first had showed us the apt. Seriously.

Here are some pictures of the stuff down there. Annd, I might note-these pictures are only possible cause my husband hooked up a second light to turn on. So you can imagine how creepy it was before!

There's like, a fridge. From the 60's or something! I am soo tempted to open it, but am pretty sure it'll be something scary, like the fridge in the book 'It' (don't ask, if you don't know :-P)!

This desk & door next to it look much more friendly in the light...except...I SWEAR there is a mattress & old pillow behind that door! I ONLY saw it opened once (when we first moved to the apt), & so could be wrong. Husband says I am, but...I DO know there's no light in there, so....riiiight.
I had to work REALLY long & hard to convince myself there wasn't a homeless person sleeping in our basement!
(NOTE: all the reality aside-he really couldn't get OUT or IN...but maybe it's....gah! I'm creeping myself out, haha :-P )

Um...there is random, old, yellowing toilet paper there that hasn't been touched in ages, & there are pipes for plumbing...?! Maybe there was an office or something. No idea. I DO remember landlord not really having a clue when he told us, other than that they had a toilet there. So....CREEPNESS!

Ok, now, imagine this with about half as much light...see?! I KNOW!!!

The point of all this?
Basements can be some really creepy places.

February 13, 2014


 Let me start by saying this is NOT a fat-shaming, or self-hatred post. I may talk about those aspects, but it is not. I fully understand people can love themselves & feel good in life. I just think, especially for me personally, if it's unhealthy--it needs to change. That is all. Continue...

...Just sayin'...

For all the 'love yourself' & 'the entertainment world's idea of a female body is SO tainted!' & the 'big is beautiful' talk out there--the truth is, it's not a good idea to be obese. Nor is it a good idea to be too thin. & even more importantly-it is NOT wise/cool/right to conform to another person's standard for YOUR body.

But realistically, having too much fat around your organs, is not good.
I can't write about the 'too skinny' aspect much, cause I haven't been there.

I used to have a ridiculous hatred for a person being obese. Like, I just felt many people are overweight, but obese (super fat) people have SO MANY excuses  as to the whys & the reasons--I wanted to punch them in the face.
I can laugh about this now, because I realize it was mostly brought on by self-hatred.
I still have a huge helping of that, but, I understand I can't project it on to others, & should deal with my own issues.

I don't agree there is a certain specific size a certain person of a certain height should be, but I know that there are points when too heavy becomes a bad thing.

So how does a person balance this? How does one love themselves, be happy with who they are, be content, yet realize it's not healthy to be overweight?
Cause seriously? It's not. Whatever way you cut it. Too much fat, like too much of anything, isn't good.

In my own case, it's been a wrecking ball (gaah. all that phrase conjures up is idiotic M.C.!). I've not been a good weight since...Probably since I was like 9. Life got hectic/dramatic/traumatic/dysfunctional, blah blah--& I became more depressed, & food became what I went to when I was stressed/depressed, or bored. So, you can see the most boring/stressful times in my life by how fat I was :-P

The past 6yrs or so, I've gained...well, a LOT. Because life's gotten either increasingly depressing, or boring (not boring in that 4 kids isn't enough to do, but boring to ME, as in-I lack interest). Now, I know it's my own fault, blah blah, & I know that these are my triggers/problems, but regardless--it has.
So here I am. Dangerously obese.  There are times I come close to loving myself, or a bit closer to loving something about myself or life--but it never quite gets there. That being said, how can I tell I'm dangerously fat, if we shouldn't fat-shame?

Well, I'm unhealthy.
By the world's medical field--I'm obese. By my personal feelings--I'm obese. I can feel it in the sluggish way my body responds to everything. I can feel it in the pain on my joints, that's getting worse. I can feel it in how things are getting harder & harder to do.

So, if the depression was taken away, & my life & faith & emotional state were good, & I saw myself as a productive person, a good member of society, loved & needed...If I was on my thyroid medication & so my hormones were good, & I was able to lose weight better. If the things beyond my control were fixed--could I stay as I am?

No, I could not. Cause my knees & ankles don't appreciate the extra fat. My heart surely doesn't. My 4 boys I have to chase don't.

& while I was overweight when my husband met me, & he still loved me that way (I used to firmly believe no one could really love someone so fat--isn't that sad?! I now KNOW better :-) ), I know that he'd like me to be more healthy too. Obviously appearance factors in at some stage (seriously, I'm not TOTALLY on board w/the 'no matter what' stance!), but more so, because my lack of energy/health takes a toll on the family, & family life. 

I guess I'm just writing this (albeit as hard a post as it is for me), because it's often still ridiculous to me how people think it's 'OK' to be unhealthy (whether too skinny, or too fat, or whatever), as long as you feel good about yourself. I don't think this is right at all.

Interestingly enough, it reminds me of sin :-) Of which gluttony is, by the way!
We go through life with a sin that perhaps isn't murder, or robbing banks, or whatnot, and we get into a comfortable place little by little, till we pretend we feel good about ourselves, & convince ourselves then, that it's ok to be in that sin. It's not murder, after all.
But, as with gluttony, & as I can attest, it's not really. No amount of self-love can make something not-good-for-you good; no amount of telling ourselves it's ok to be in a 'little' sin can make it right.

As a side note, I don't write this for a pity party, just to share thoughts, & to hopefully start on a journey towards bettering my healthy & self.
I have a lot to work on, internally, AND externally. They have to go together, I think, in my case.

February 5, 2014


(from our front porch)



(ok ok, I know-WORDLESS! But just wanted to say, I took this pic of lights in a park, from a moving car, lol!)

Christmas Lights, N.A.Park, Scranton PA, 2012

January 29, 2014


I've Got Cabin Fever!
Yay! Our local Library started it's 'Cabin Fever' reading program! It's the reading program for adults...Of which I am one (apparently)!
It's so named because of the long Winter time, & how people get bored etc.
This Winter, though, besides the usual raffle baskets or whatnot, that you can win, you can also enter (for every book ya read) to win an iPad mini! That'd be cool, right? Cause, like, a computer, phone, & iPod aren't distracting enough...
Anyway, for me, I think it's just the winning anything that'd be fun :-) & reading as many books as I can so I can have as many entries as I can!

Last year, they just had like, a little paper where you'd write the name of the book & your name & number. This time, though, I think they've gotten a bit smarter, so there's space to review the book (shortly) & stuff. That way people aren't just like, NOT actually reading books :-P

So, I'm excited. I like being a part of something. Anything, these days, really :-)

So what's on the reading list? Who knows...whatever of the gazillion books that happen to arrive/I happen to choose between now & the end of February, to read!
Love this series...

Currently it'll be "City of Ashes", part of the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare.
Super fun world about Shadowhunters (Demon fighters), & Downworlders (vampires, werewolves, etc.), & Demons & regular people (I think...). About a girl coming of age & coming to the knowledge that her Mom had her memories wiped as she's been growing up, so she didn't know she was a part of all the secret stuff Mundanes (normal people) can't see (Demons, Shadowhunters, etc.), & that her Father is a heartless jerk who wants to like, kill everyone that's not a part of the world HE wants to create or whatever. Annnyway...
"City of Ashes" is the second book, & I've already ordered the 3rd, "City of Glass." Woot (1st is "City of Bones.")!
9 books, this is #3 :-)

Also on the list is Book 3 of the Twig Trilogy, in The Edge Chronicles, "Midnight Over Sanctaphrax" by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell.
I love the Edge series. I really like the illustrations, too. They make the story :-)
This series is also a Fantasy/YA type. Takes place in all kinds of different settings, though. Woods, skies, underground...There's sky pirates & wood trolls & ogres & elves & goblins & wizardly types & etc. & so on! & giant birds, & dangers, & carnivorous trees!! Gross...But yeah, I really like the series :-) Lots of fun, & the lead of this trilogy, Twig, is a bright & adventurous boy who never quite fit in with the wood folk he was raised with--mainly because he was destined to be a sky pirate! Good times. I wanna be a sky pirate!

Real parenting, real life :-)
And the 3rd book (so far) is called "Afterbirth: Stories you WON'T Read in a Parenting Magazine" edited by Dani K. Modisett, stories by various people.
This book is awesome, especially for me. I guess it's a bunch of stories of real life parenting/kid situations/issues, written (& lived) by a bunch of people in various fields of entertainment, etc. Comics, it often seems (Afterbirth was also D.K.M.s show she did, of the same type).
But real people, & real stories about being pregnant, being a parent, having kids...The ones that you don't often hear about when you're wanting a child/expecting. The authors of the stories tell it how it is, & it's often sucky, ridiculous, horrible, tough, cry-worthy. Seriously! The stories make me laugh, cause while I have lots of Mom/Dad friends out there, very few people will actually flood social media with how being a parent can often suck (as I have done many times!).
Not done with the book yet (there's a bit of vulgarity/language, as the authors aren't for the most part the Christian kind!), but it's made me laugh & nod my head quite a bit already!

So that's what is on the menu so far, as far as the reading program is concerned. I'll keep updated as to how it's going, & how many books I actually finish!

What's on YOUR reading list lately?! Would love to hear from you!!! 

January 20, 2014



New Year's Resolutions. I know, I know. The year's already started. Like, 20 days ago. But...I'm often delayed. Better late than never :-P!
So, I thought I'd share why I don't make the normal 'list' or Resolutions, & why I think most people don't stick with them.

Usually, the New Year is approaching, & people are all, "Yay! I'm gonna change all this stuff/these things come Jan. 1st & the rest of the year, cause it's NEW!"
But I think, seriously, it's a doomed idea.
Like, unless you have some major life-change/changing event happen--i.e., a big move, get married, start/finish college (that's a weird time), win the lottery, etc--there's really nothing other than a number & an over-excited idea to change you.
But if you have something that you've been thinking on/building up for your resolution list-it should really just be started & acted on as you think of it.

Cause, seriously, changing the number of the year from 2013 to 2014 isn't going to be big enough to enforce a life alteration that lasts (in most of us, anyway). I mean, most people can't even remember to WRITE 2014 for the first few days (weeks?!)!

Fastforward about 4-5-6 months. & now you're already thinking of how, NEXT YEAR, you're going to start/change this or that, & the old 'new' resolutions have already fallen by the wayside.
Because, like, making a list & following it throughout an entire year (let's face it, 365 days IS a long time), starting on January 1st, is tough to remember.

Hence the life changing event. If something actually HAPPENS on (or around) January 1st to already change your life, then it's a bit easier to have motivation, me thinks. Otherwise, after all the hype from the Ball drop, or the waaay-too-late-party, or the early-to-bed-evening or whatever--you just go back to normal life.

Now, granted, some people REALLY are highly motivated, goal-driven, & use that first date of a year with a new number at the end (Yay!...) to restart their year-long motor, but....I'm not one of them, lol. & I think not too many people are.

So, I think, rather than make a list that I'm determined to start Jan. 1st & do all year every day cause I'm excited (jk)!!!.....I'm going to remember that time IS short, & promised to no man (woman), & so there ARE changes I need to make/things I need to do (heck, I'm 32 & I have 4 growing kids already!), so I'm going to use the time I have to work on what I need to do/change, with life being a focus, & every day I'm given as being a new day to be RESOLVED to work on myself/life, & not pretend I can be fully altered just cause of a number :-)
It's much more realistic, for me, at least.

January 16, 2014


So, 1/11/14, I went & saw "American Hustle." It's rated R, & stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, & Jeremy Renner. 
Robert DeNiro even makes an appearance--cause obviously if you have a big mobster character in your movie, it should be played by him.

Obviously, this movie has some crappy stuff in it. You can check the parents guide on imdb.com for the movie (HERE!), for a complete listing of what's wrong in it.
There are a couple of creepy, I-turned-my-head-in-the-theatre scenes. Mostly there's a lot of language, so if that bothers you-be advised!

All that said, & taking into account this is not a Christian movie, :-P & it IS rated R...
The acting is top notch!
I love when actors can just meld w/a role completely.
Jeremy Renner was awesome, & looks so different as the chubby NJ mayor just tryin' to help his state out, it's great. No Hawkeye here :-)
Bale was also an unexpected treat (changed his look too), as I'm not usually caring for him 1 way or the other. But he did a good job as the lead.
Of course Jennifer Lawrence was good. She's really great at just seeming like a regular person in whatever role she takes on. Like, ya believe her. Loved her hair in this movie, too!
& Bradley Cooper plays such a great crazy person! & his eyes are ridiculous. :-) His scene w/Amy when she changes accents on him is good times...
As for Adams, I usually think of "Enchanted" still, or "The Muppets" when I hear her name, so this was definitely a more grown up role (though I guess she's played them before already, I just haven't seen too many of those movies). She is a great actress, & her accents were fun.

Basically this is a movie about con men (& women). & I think it's also about how being a con person, aka scamming & lying to people, makes it really difficult to have normal relationships, & sooner or later, you'll hurt someone ya wish you hadn't.
I'd call it a drama/crime/comedy type movie :-), I think.

I thought it was cool, by the way, how the writers (Eric Singer, David O Russell), wrote characters w/the specific actors/actresses in mind.

Overall, if you can f.forward the crap, & overlook the language, it was a pretty interesting movie, worth it to see the stellar acting :-)
If ya like that kind of thing!