December 30, 2013


Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3…

Hmm…Seems to be working :-)

It's just after 1am. So I'm not gonna write much--though I often do my best writing after midnight :-) I dunno why. Especially w/4 kids to take care of. But, it's alwaze been that way, & probably alwaze will be that way. Alwaze been a late night owl (are there other kinds?!).

Come to think of it--I need to feed my youngest Baby (nearing 5months :-)) a bottle, so I'm not gonna write much at all, at…all.

Just wanted to get this blog started. This is like, my zillionth blog I've done. Usually, eventually, life changes, domains change, my mood changed--so the others didn't make it after a while. This one, however, I'm hoping can be general enough, & good enough, where I keep it around :-)

Look forward to updating (whenever I can) about my life, my family, my writing, my (hopefully) future weight-struggle, my (often wavering) faith, my marriage, my current reads, my current watches (movies, TV etc :-)), my fun….& basically anything else that tickles my fancy!
(what's a 'fancy' that it gets tickled?! weird…)